How do you know if a stock is being manipulated?

There are three different things you can look at to see if a stock is being manipulated, here are the details:

The news flow surrounding a company
– If there is a lot of news surrounding a certain stock, it could mean that the stock price is being manipulated. Take a look at the last 5 news stories about a certain stock to determine if there is a lot of news flow around it.

The volume of the stock
– If the volume of a stock is low, it may mean that the stock is being manipulated significantly. Low stock volume can also mean that there is insider trading.

The bid-ask spread
– The bid-ask spread is the difference between the price at which sell orders are accepted and the price at which buy orders are accepted. The bid-ask spread is often used to determine whether or not the price of a particular stock is manipulated.
If the bid-ask spread is large, it may mean that the price of the stock is manipulated. A large bid-ask spread can also mean that insider trading is occurring in that stock.