The 6 cities where to expatriate to work in finance

Enter the labyrinthine world of the financial sector, a buzzing, pulsating tapestry of entities and corporations of a dizzying array. Conventional wisdom dictates the supremacy of the European and American landscapes in this space. However, this global chessboard extends far beyond their borders.

For those ambitious souls longing to plunge into the swirling vortex of finance, there’s a whole globe to explore. Unchain yourself from the geographical confines of your birthland, explore beyond the horizon. Unearth those regions teeming with fiscal firms, banking monoliths looming tall amidst city skylines.

Peel back the curtain, let’s traverse this planetary spectacle of fiscal capitals:

An English heart beats at Europe’s financial pulse: London. It’s a city steeped in history, a tale that began in the 14th century, sprawling through the ages. London’s cobbled streets, standing the test of time, house a multitude of banks and financial services, alongside multinational corporations’ towering head offices.

Then there’s New York, the heart of the world’s economic body. To succeed here, you need more than ambition; you need a robust skill set and a global perspective. You might be drawn by the allure of Wall Street, yet don’t overlook the magnetic pull of finance havens like Milan, Zurich, and Frankfurt, the emerging star in the finance cosmos.

Meet Amsterdam, the Dutch delight, a thriving global hub teeming with opportunities for those seeking to expand their fiscal expertise. Here, you’ll find a well-educated youth population and one of the globe’s highest net salaries, a handsome USD 52,284.

In the East lies the island city-state of Singapore, where an astonishing 80% of its GDP germinates from foreign trade. English whispers through the air here, making it a multicultural oasis. The sizzling economic growth rate further burnishes its attractive profile.

The chilly winds of Oslo, Norway, whisper tales of exceptional work-life balance, as affirmed by numerous expatriates. With its strong emphasis on job security and a rich work culture, Norway demands a potent mix of education and experience from its financial workforce.

Last but not least, the United Arab Emirates, with Dubai as its shining beacon. The golden dunes have lured a staggering number of French expatriates, who relish their unrestricted lifestyle in this Muslim nation. With an average salary teetering at 107,748€, it’s no wonder why Dubai witnesses a steady inflow of three French individuals every day.

Dive into this diverse pool of financial epicenters and surf the waves of opportunities they offer. The financial realm is complex, indeed, but in its complexity lie possibilities, just waiting to be explored.