When is the best time to buy stocks?

In the realm of stock market investment, the optimal moment for purchasing stocks varies from individual to individual, bearing in mind the idiosyncrasies of each person’s financial disposition. However, a cardinal principle emerges: the opportune instance to engage in stock acquisition arises when stocks are obtainable at reduced prices, akin to an enticing bargain beckoning.

Should you harbor a keen interest in acquiring a particular stock, an auspicious juncture would materialize precisely when it undergoes a markdown, presenting an opportunity brimming with potential. In your quest to pinpoint the most propitious moment for indulging in stock acquisition, may I suggest that you embark upon your endeavor during the twilight hours of a Friday, just before the final resounding of the market’s closing bell.

Now, what engenders the fervent endorsement of acquiring stocks during this specific temporal interval, characterized by the proximity to the cessation of market activities?

When the curtains fall, enveloping the markets in a state of closure, the intricate orchestration of stock price manipulation becomes substantially more arduous for traders to execute. Moreover, the veiling of market operations renders the procurement of prodigious volumes of stock an onerous undertaking for the formidable entities known as whales, possessing vast reservoirs of capital.