Certified Wealth Management Consultant

As his name indicates, the main mission of the wealth management consultant is to advise his clients by studying their wealth.
He also advises and guides a clientele of individuals in the choice of investments to constitute or optimize their financial assets according to the banking and financial regulations.
He can implement management mandates and he can direct a structure.

Competences :

The wealth advisor initially performs a wealth and tax assessment of his client: available cash and current investments (life insurance, PEA, shares…), salary and income, real estate assets, family and marital status, amount of taxes…

Required qualities :

The wealth advisor is usually an employee of a bank or an insurance company. Depending on the establishment, wealth managers are attached to local branches or depend on a specialized department. They can also work for a wealth management firm.

Analytical skills
Intellectual rigor
Enjoy teamwork
Have a sense of pedagogy

Level of education:

The job requires five years of study after the baccalaureate. Recruitment is done at the Master level. The most common route is to study economics at university or in business schools.