Why invest in a REIG?

There are many advantages to investing in a REIG because it is a company that owns real estate assets and is listed on the stock exchange. It is managed by a management company approved by the AMF. The REIG has a board of directors that ensures compliance with its investment policy and regulations.

The fund buys real estate investments that it rents to tenants.
The fund is managed by a specialized management company, which collects the rents and distributes them to investors.
The investor can choose to reinvest the income or receive a monthly income.

The unlisted REIT (Real Estate Investment Group) is an investment vehicle that invests in real estate, which can take many forms.

For example, the REIG may invest in commercial real estate such as offices and shops, or in residential real estate such as student housing or retirement homes. The fund purchases these real estate investments, which are then leased to tenants.

Investors subscribe to this type of fund by purchasing units and then benefit directly from the rents collected by the REIG’s management company and distributed to the investors.