Which studies to work in banking and finance?

Studies in banking and finance allow for careers that are the most popular in France. It offers many opportunities for evolution in an entrepreneurial world. This is one more reason to prepare your career well, in order to succeed in your beginnings.

Amidst the vast realm of academia lies the enthralling world of banking and finance studies, bestowing upon diligent learners a profound and comprehensive understanding of the intricate webs spun within the commercial, management, and financial landscapes. These scholarly pursuits serve as a gateway to a plethora of opportunities, enabling aspiring individuals to embark upon a career immersed in the prestigious realm of banking or, alternatively, navigate their professional journey through the corridors of a distinguished consultancy firm, resonating with excellence on a grand scale.

Recruiters also appreciate young graduates with a bachelor’s degree to strengthen their sales force in bank branches. The banking sector offers many internship and work-study opportunities.

To understand the world of finance and its mechanisms, numerous training programs are offered at the Bac+2, Bac+3 and Bac+5 levels.

– Short studies Bac+2 and Bac+3

If you are looking to work in the banking sector and want to enter the workforce quickly, you can consider a DUT, BTS or a professional license.
DUT, BTS, professional licenses: these three types of training allow you to take your first step in the banking world!

The BTS CGO Accounting and Management of Organizations and the DUT Business and Administration Management (GEA) are the two main diplomas for working in the world of finance.

– Long-term studies Bac+4 and Bac+5

If you are looking for even more specialized positions, you can consider obtaining a master’s degree or an MS in banking and finance.
You can continue your studies with the Bac+5 and Bac+6 courses which offer different specialties for retail banking or corporate and investment banking!
Masters and MS in banking and finance, specialized masters, MBA: these higher education programs can be done in France or abroad.

The Master’s in Finance trains high-level financial executives for companies and financial institutions.